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We hear stories all the time of great advances, creative strategies, or successful solutions that IT teams within tribal organizations and enterprises are doing! Now we have a place to showcase those great successes and strides happening all across the US. Does your team have a story to tell?

Did your team creatively overcome a challenge? Was there an opportunity that your innovative leaders saw as a chance to improve outcomes? Have you adopted new business strategies that improved your bottom line or benefited your tribal members? These are the kind of stories we want to share with our TribalNet community!

Maybe your story is even a result of the TribalNet platform. Perhaps an article in the magazine inspired you. Or maybe a conference keynote presentation resonated with you. Or a powerful peer or vendor relationship was formed on the tradeshow floor.
Whatever it was - tell us about it!

Let us share your story to help inspire others. We'll feature these success stories on our website,
on social media and potentially even in our bi-annual magazine.

Ready to share your story?

Making Connections

To submit your story you can complete the online form below and submit or download the PDF and email to or fax to 269-459-9889.
Share your story to highlight strides and successes being made because of IT teams throughout Indian country!

Step 1: Complete Tribal Organization or Enterprise Information

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Step 2: Vendor Information

If you would like to include a vendor company in your story, please include their contact information.
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Step 3: Answer the Q & A questions provided below.

Each answer should be 20-50 words.
1. Tell us about the specific challenge your org/company was facing or opportunity recognized and what action was taken to overcome it or bring about the change which resulted in your success.
(450 characters left)
2. What was the catalyst to your team being able to achieve the success you would like to share. Did TribalNet play a role in your story?
(i.e., learning new info from a conference session, being inspired by a keynote, connecting with a peer in the industry, meeting a vendor company, reading an article in the magazine, etc.)
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3. Overall, in what ways has your organization/enterprise been impacted long term? Has there been a significant impact on customers/employees/tribal members? What do you want people to remember about this success?
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4. Do you have any tips or advice for tribes facing a similar situation?
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